Managing your Fitness lifestyle on Vacation: Preparation

Summer is here… and that means the start of vacation season.

Summer is about vacations, beers and BBQ for most… and I am no different. Anytime I have the chance to kick back and enjoy some libations with friends is a pleasure. Summer is my favorite season because there is always a good time to grab a tasty beverage and some finger foods. But in the midst of the fellowship and patio parties, its important to not drift too far away from your goals. ENJOY THE SUMMER, but make sure to not set yourself back too far. Over the next three posts I’ll take you how to enjoy your summer and still stay on track with your life goals.

Sure there is travel that happens throughout the year, but summer is when it really seems to take off and everyone’s spring shape up begins to go awry. Regardless if you’re a traveling fool or someone who only travels a few times a year, it is important to prepare before you leave your house.


“When the time to play has come, the time to prepare has past.”


I used to travel quite frequently, having kids put a stop to that quickly, but no matter where I went there was research that needed to be done. It’s incredibly easy to fall off the wagon while on vacation because you are away from your routine. Routine gives you peace and consistency and to maintain some structure so I always prepare before I travel.

The preparation for me comes in a couple different areas. First, I look at where I am going and ask myself, “Is there anything unique to this place that I like to do?” Every summer I go to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with my family. It has some of the best sand and water in the United States. Since I love to run in the sand, I build my workout around it. Sand running is the best, because you can run half the distance and get twice the work.

The second part is resistance training. Full disclosure I always travel with my Bodylastics Fitness bands. No matter where I go, a workout can be created. Since there is a gym that can be used for about $10 a day, I use that as well. But there were times where I didn’t want spend the money so I just used bands and did body weight resistance work. So before you travel call around and see if there are any gyms in the area and the big part, how much they cost? Is it worth what you get out of it? But you have to call around to do the research before you set your plans.

The final piece is if you’re a big class person (once again this takes work) try to look around before you travel to see what is available close to where you’ll be staying. I like some classes, but I am very particular about how I spend my workout dollars. So it I look at as many reviews as possible before making a decision. Use vacation to get out of your comfort zone a little bit and try some new things, you may actually enjoy them. However even if you don’t, your body will thank you for a change in workout routine.

Make sure to remember it is a vacation and try to enjoy yourself, but there is always time to carve out an 30 minutes a day to stay the course. Preparation is the key, if you get to where you’re traveling and then try to figure it out it’s a fail. There are always a million reasons not to stay motivated.

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