Managing your Fitness Lifestyle on Vacation: Workout Routine

Vacation is a time to relax… I get it as much as anyone.


With four kids, a job and a number of other interests in my life, when there’s a chance to kick back and relax I take it. But I am super routine and breaking it gives me the chills. So vacation is always a bit of a stretch for me. Waking up at 5:15 AM doesn’t happen when I’m out of my element, but I do like to start off every day with a workout. But starting your day off changes when there isn’t school, work and activities.

The key to fitness success on vacation is finding a routine.

It may not be your normal routine, but find some thing works for you. For me it isn’t not about waking up a ridiculous hour, but finding a time that I can workout while waking up rested and enjoying the day.


Set realistic expectations for yourself as well. During a normal week I try to be active 5-6 days a week and some of the workouts can last 90 minutes. No one is doing that on vacation… especially me. To make sure you don’t get overwhelmed with expectations set a number you know will work for you. Trying to get 2-3 workouts a week for 30 minutes on vacation is a way to stay active during your week off and not waste leisure time.


I love beach vacations. It gives me the opportunity enjoy the sun with my kids, run on the beach and play water sports. Vacation affords me the opportunity to sleep in and enjoy take some much needed time off. Instead of working out before sunrise, I sleep in until 7:30 and enjoy my kids in the morning. We eat a little breakfast together and then by 8:30 I am going to workout somehow. I try to plan out my days, whether it’s an early morning swim in the ocean or maybe just a run on the beach. It’s important to always have a plan.


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin


My plan is always to get my workout done by 10 AM. That way I am able to sleep in and still have most of my day on the beach to eat, drink and by merry. Anyone who thinks they will get an afternoon workout on vacation is kidding themselves. Or they are just a considerably better person than me. I’m a big believer in paying for your sins before you start up again and kicking off with weights or whatever workout it might be works incredibly well by 8:30 AM.


If you’re not a morning workout person then consider the following:


It’s tough to get motivated after listening to the ocean all day.

When you’re dehydrated your workout will suffer.

It’s hotter later in the day.

Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy a couple of nice drinks on the beach after the satisfaction of getting your body how it needs to be.


It’s not a routine that works for everyone, but there is no way I could ever workout in the afternoon while on vacation. Mid morning works the best f because it gives me the two things I covet on vacation; a time to sleep in and my whole afternoon free. So make the decision and try it out. I’m pretty sure it will work for you.

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