Episode 050: Can the Buckeyes stop Deshaun Watson? Will players skipping bowl games become an epidemic?

The College football season is nearly complete. It has been an exciting bowl season as it usually is, but not its time for the main event. The College Football Playoff is here. With Alabama vs. Washington and Clemson vs. Ohio State, fans get to see some of the biggest brands in the sport. The only problem is both the Peach and Fiesta Bowl are on New Year’s Eve.


Grayson Allen


Duke has long be one of the NCAA hoops Blue Bloods. Coach K runs a clean program and while you may not like them, Duke is always good. However, the Grayson Allen kicking situation has caused me to scratch my head and wonder why more hasn’t already been done to this kid.


Alabama v. Washington


With how Washington looked against the USC defensive line, they have very little chance to win this game, unless their offensive line has improved considerably. Alabama is tough, fast and physical upfront and will wear down the Huskies if Washington cannot control the clock.



Clemson v. Ohio State


The Clemson Defensive front and Wide Receiving groups are the strength of their squad. Yes, Deshaun Watson is good, but he looks a whole lot better when WR Mike Williams is winning every 50/50 jump ball 30+ yards down the field. However that plays into the Buckeyes’ strength, with four solid corners and 2 ball hawking safeties, Ohio State is equipped to handled the Tiger’s weapons. The Defensive Line is a different animal, with the Buckeyes’ struggles up front this season it could be a long day. There are a couple of solutions the offensive staff could use to remedy this problem.






Grayson Allen


Skipping Bowl Games


Fiesta Bowl


Peach Bowl


College Football Semifinal

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