Former Ohio State QB Joe Burrow: The Bayou Bengal

The wait is over for former Ohio State Quarterback… His transfer is now official, as Joe Burrow announced on Twitter Friday his intention to continue his football career and graduate studies at LSU.




This tweet came 10 days after the tough decision that Burrow was forced to make following a solid spring performance for the Scarlet and Gray.



It wasn’t an easy decision for Burrow. Growing up in Athens, Ohio and becoming a Buckeye while his father coached at Ohio University only made it tougher. After leading Athens to the Division III State Runner Up behind a six touchdown performance in the ‘Shoe, Burrow was hoping similar success would happen for the Buckeyes in the coming years.

He was J.T. Barrett’s pick to become the next starter for the Buckeyes and it was easy to see why. Burrow shared J.T.’s relentless work ethic and the type of leadership that often goes underrated. Burrow is more athletic than he looks and has developed his body into the type of player that can not only take a beating in the pocket, but also be a rough and rugged runner.


Ohio State fans will miss Joe Burrow. Not because Haskins isn’t going to be a great player, but because he embodies much of what college football is supposed to be about.

Developing yourself into a player… and that’s exactly what Burrow has done.


Many don’t like the graduate transfer rule in college football, but this is it working at it’s finest. A young man enters school, works his tail off and it 3 years is ready to play and graduates. In some cases when you’re ready to play, your school isn’t ready for you.


It’s what happened to Joe.


Haskins will be a fine player, but Burrow deserves a chance to see what he can become. LSU will give him that chance… and they will not be disappointed.


Without knowing much about the LSU roster, it’s safe to say they will have ample talent surrounding Burrow. Judging by the number of skill position players in the NFL, it will be more than ample.


The University of Cincinnati would have been the safe choice for Burrow. Following for Ohio State Defensive Coordinator Luke Fickell and staying in the state of Ohio would have made for familiar surroundings, but Burrow wanted to challenge himself and see if he can master the SEC. It’s a bold move, but one that makes sense after knowing the work ethic that he possesses.


After watching Joe develop for three seasons, there are many similarities to Alex Smith. Not to say he will be the first pick in the NFL draft, but their traits are similar. Both have a very good arm and are solid decision makers (somehow that became a negative a decade ago), both are better runners than most believe and they are respected by how they prepare.


The Bayou Bengals are getting a good one in Joey Burrow.

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