Former Buckeye Malcolm Jenkins will not be silenced

You may love the anthem protests….. You may hate them.


While I personally don’t agree with the way many in the NFL have went about expressing their objections to the problems they see in America. Malcolm Jenkins refused to let him message get lost in the bantering between the NFL and the White House…. and I respect it.


After meeting Malcolm in 2005 when he joined Ohio State, I quickly discovered what many people now know. Malcolm Jenkins is smart, driven and passionate. He is a leader of men and someone who I’ve grown to admire.


So when he decided to remain silent during his media availability on Wednesday, it was a brilliant move. Malcolm chose to express his message through giant note cards. Focusing on the lack opportunities in under served communities and providing 2nd chances to non violent offenders in the state of Pennsylvania.


Malcolm grabbed his chance after the Eagles were “dis-invited” from their White House celebration.


He took the message off of the anthem and back to his mission. In the era of divisiveness that we currently live in, where its easier to argue than solve problems. Malcolm Jenkins is trying to solve the problems that he deems serious. While some of the stats he posted could be interpreted differently, he owned the interview.





The Malcolm Jenkins I know is someone who is incredibly smart and articulate. Hopefully he will be able to get a private meeting with the President to discuss the issues that are dear to his heart, because Malcolm is a problems solver and the perspective he provides can only be a positive. I applaud his persistence and the manner in which he has handled this difficult situation because he never elected to take a “knee” during the anthem … and he won’t take a knee on his mission either.

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