Sports’ Betting Finally Unleashed

One Monday, May 14th the United States Supreme Court ruled that Congress could not limit sports’ betting to specific states.


In other words, Nevada had just lost their monopoly on the gaming world.


No longer will someone have to fly to the desert to place a legal wager on a game or person, it was the only legal way to do it. Many others have been participating on offshore website for years or through less than legal means where ever they live.


Even though I am about as conservative as they come, I believe it is still the right of every person to make their own choices. Good or bad, liberty grants us all the right or succeed or fail. I’m not a big sports gambler, but I do enjoy the office pools and now dabble in fantasy. Many Americans participate in the same way, but were terrified at the thought of legalizing Sports’ books nationwide.


The usual thoughts are how gambling can ruin lives (which it can), create a seedy underbelly to the community (which isn’t really true) and possibly worst of all; corrupt the integrity of the sports we know and love (which could’ve been happening all along).


I am encouraged by the Supreme Court ruling and believe that there will be a very small set of negative consequences, offset by the security and assurance that comes with highly regulated industries. There are many games that I would’ve like to bet on but didn’t, because there was no legal pathway or I didn’t feel comfortable sticking my banking information into a unregulated offshore website. It seems like there are many sports fans who fall into this category.


The largest negative of the whole process seems to be the professional leagues who now are trying to grab their perceived piece of the pie with “integrity fees.” As if the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL are going to create task forces to make sure no one is on the take…. If they were that worried, they should have already had these systems in place.


Betting on sports is no new phenomenon. Now that each state will be free to regulate their own interest, it will be easier to follow the law. No one will be forcing fans to bet, but at least now there is an above board option. Europe has permitted betting on games for years and no one is complaining the EPL is corrupt. While there will always be a downside, this one, I believe is small.


Now where can I place my 1st bet!

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