Episode 046: The CFP Unexpected Movement & The Buckeye Offense is back, can it still get better?

The College Football Playoff


After the first CFP rankings came out, everyone was left scratching their collective heads. How could a one lost Texas A&M team be ranked ahead of an undefeated Washington squad, who had been destroying the entire PAC 12? The Aggie experiment was short lived as they were knocked off by Mississippi State and lost their quarterback, Trevor Knight, in the process.


Under the old AP and Coaches Polling system Washington would have naturally slid into the #4 spot and Ohio State at #5. This logic appeared to be flawed due to the heavy emphasis on the strength of schedule metric that kept the Huskies out of the Top 4. After the most recent ranking Ohio State did not jump Washington. It begs the question, why? Ohio State has played a much tougher schedule and their non-conference opponents aren’t close to the level of the Washington’s.

The short answer is, the CFP Committee makes it up… and they can continue to do this until they have to submit their final four teams.


BIG 12 & PAC 12


Across the nation the Oklahoma Sooners have continued to look strong. I thought they would win the Big 12 and despite their early losses, the Sooners are in the driver’s seat after handling Iowa State. Colorado might be the biggest surprise out west. After beating up the Bruins they control their destiny in the PAC 12 South, even though they will be outmatched in the title game.


Top 10 Action


Alabama survived a motivated LSU squad in Baton Rouge, but the offense looked like more of the same under former coach Les Miles. The Big Ten looks extremely impressive with 4 teams squaring in the top 10. Michigan rocked Maryland, Penn State surprisingly drubbed Iowa 41-14 and James Franklin may have finally turned the corner.


Ohio State v. Nebraska Wrap Up


Ohio State looks to have rebounded nicely after a two week hangover from their loss in Happy Valley. The offensive line has played much better the past two games, it has allowed Barrett to hang in the pocket and in turn has improved his mid-range accuracy. There were still plays to be made deep, but the offense keeps taking shots. The creative play calling was better than it has been since early in the season, but the formation variation and player location within those formations is making the difference. Moving around Curtis Samuel and Noah Brown will pay huge dividends as the Michigan matchup approaches.


The scoring Silver Bullets are back and it’s been a joy to watch. Enough said about the Defense.





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