Episode 045: The 1st CFP Poll & Can the Buckeye Offense finally return to early season form?

Northwestern was supposed to be the game that put the Buckeye offense back on track. It looked like that would be the case. With the 1st drive Ohio State drove down quickly down the field for a touchdown. However the rest of the game wasn’t that easy and while the offensive line played much better; some of the same issues arose in the passing game.


The Silver Bullet Defense


Even though the Buckeye defense yielded 17 points against the Wildcats, it was a solid performance as usual. Northwestern did a few things to help stop the Buckeye pressure:


  • Moved the pocket
  • Quick passing game
  • Effective play action


The College Football Playoff Selection Committee


The 1st rankings are out and there was only one large surprise. It was collectively accepted that after Alabama, their next three spots would contain some combination of Clemson, Michigan and Washington. Two of the three were in, but the PAC 12 leader was replaced by Texas A&M. It was a curious move to say the least, but does it really matter? And what evidence did the committee see to justify placing the Aggies and the Huskies?





Week 9 College Football Wrap Up


Week 10 Preview


The 1st CFP Rankings


Ohio State v. Northwestern: The offense is improving


Ohio State v. Nebraska

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  1. Jim on November 4, 2016 at 11:16 am

    Comma, their, not there
    Alabama there next three spots would contain some combination of Clemson, Michigan and Washington.

    Ist article I’ve by you, liked it, well written. A little short for my taste, wish you put a little more opinion and insight into it.
    Thanks for posting, I will be looking for more.

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