Episode 032: Cavs crack the win column, Beer in the Shoe for ALL & GOT Wrap up

The term “must win” in sports is used almost to the point of nausea. However, if the Cavs were going to have any hope of winning a NBA Title Game 3 was a “must win.” There was no way to expect Cleveland to reel of 4 straight against the best regular season team in NBA history. They turned in a performance for the ages and not a moment too soon.

The House that Harley built had been around for nearly a century, however there has never been beer sold through the entire stadium on game day. It is going to happen and it will be glorious (to me), but there will be some detractors.

Game of Thrones season 6 has been filled with surprised and revivals. Old characters have popped up everywhere. Episode 7 is especially revealing. I break it all down on this edition of According to Carp. For the Night is dark and full of terrors.


NBA Finals Game 3

Beer in the Shoe

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