Episode 031: OSU LB Joe Burger talks offseason training, Cavs Chances, & Thrones Theories

Former walk-on LB Joe Burger may hail from Cincinnati, but he still loves one Cleveland team. The La Salle alum joins According to Carp to describe what “Patriot Week” means to OSU Football team and how Coach “Mick” keeps “The Grind Fresh” with a number of specialty themes throughout the offseason training program. What would be more appropriate heading into Memorial Day Weekend than Patriot Week?

The Cavs now have control of the Eastern Conference Finals and seemed poised to head to the NBA Final. OKC appears to be the their foe, but is that the best matchup? And is that the team the Cavs and their fans would like to play? Joe and I tackle all of those questions.

Episode 5 of season 6 is done. It is the halfway mark of the Game of Thrones. There are many interesting theories of who is related, how the wall was built and many other mind bending thoughts. We air them all out on According to Carp.


Buckeyes Offseason Training

Cavs Final Predictions

Game of Thrones Theories

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