Episode 003: Breaking Down the 1st College Playoff Selection Ranking & The Free Fall of Young Quarterbacks

On November 3rd the College Football Playoff Selection Committee issued their first rankings. We will breakdown the 1st four in (Clemson, LSU, OSU, & Alabama) and who can play their way in? Are the four teams deserving, or are they the best? What criterion is being used to rank the teams? There are so many questions to be answered and we will tackle them all. Find out who I think will move up and who will slide down?

The NFL Quarterback carousel is always spinning. The most recent victim was 49ers Colin Kaepernick, but why is he struggling? Has Matthew Stafford regressed or is he a product of a struggling organization and a makeshift Offensive Line? With a potential glut of young QBs on the market in 2016 are any of them worth the risk?


College Football Playoff Selection Committee’s 1st Rankings of the 2015 seaso

The top four teams in the College football playoff

Alabama v. LSU matchup on Saturday

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