Episode 002: A Father’s Influence, Greg Hardy’s Out of Control and Athletes Continue Acting Foolish

Imagine the man who may have been the greatest influence in your sport’s life suddenly passes away prior to the biggest game of your life. That is the situation that faced Royals Ace Edison Volquez prior to Game 1 of the World Series. He is pitching against Matt “The Dark Knight” Harvey and the weight of the world was about to be placed upon his shoulders. Except his family asked that Manager Ned Yost withhold the info until after the game. He respected the family’s wishes, except some in the media felt it was their “DUTY” to inform the public via social media.

Greg Hardy escaped prosecution and is signed by the Dallas Cowboys. Since he completed suspension he is playing exceptional, but has he learned anything from his terrible mistake? And athletes will never cease to amaze me with the things they say and the decisions they make.


Edison Volquez and his memorable WS Game 1 performance

Has Greg Hardy learned his lesson? It doesn’t seem like it.

Athletes acting foolish.

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