The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

“The land of the free and the home of the brave.” Those simple words are the grand finale to the United States National Anthem. It is a slogan that Americans wear as a symbol of pride, and for a good reason. Throughout our nation’s history we have continuously responded throughout the world to promote and preserve freedom and liberty. In 2001 that response was needed at home. With a senseless terrorist attack that threatened the way of life Americans had enjoyed for years.


The date was December 7th, 1941. “A day which will live in infamy,” as FDR spoke those words he knew the US was now forced into WWII. He knew our enemies and our allies. He knew the objective and how the war would need to be won. It wasn’t nearly that simple on September 11th, 2001. A new threat had emerged. A threat that would continue to evade and evolve until it was completely destroyed by the free nations of the world.


Destroying Islamic terrorism has proved far more difficult than almost anyone would have imagined. Even as time eases anxiety, there will always be an understanding; terrorism can strike anytime and anywhere. Despite those facts, Americans have still had a tremendous sense of resolve. We would not cower and allow these ever lingering threats affect our lives. We would continue to live and try to maintain the status quo. It is something that is incredibly difficult to do, but it must be done.



Sports pail in comparison to the real issues society is constantly facing. They are the escape that many Americans choose to help them relax and forget the rigors of their daily life. Because of the competition and social attachment it has become the greatest form of live entertainment. Sports have always taken precedent in my life. I love them, but tonight was different. The same feeling I had during September 11th came over me as I watched the footage from France. It’s a hollow feeling and it forces Sports into their proper place on the social hierarchy. For that reason they can be paused in times of great crisis.


Nearly 15 years ago the world stood with America as we attempted to recover from the most devastating event on home soil in 50 years. It would be easy to say the events of November 13 are not our problem. We could say Europe has their own problems and we have plenty on our plate. However, America is “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” We are a beacon of freedom and we respond when our allies are in need. It is simply what we do.


France is our oldest ally, the first country who stood with us on our quest from independence. Despite recent issues, there is only one way to stand by an old friend. So try to continue your life, but understand this: when we needed support from the world, they were there. Given the gravity of this tragedy, we need to stand with the French. I encourage everyone to help in anyway they can, because it is the American way!

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