Episode 036: Football is back, OSU’s Depth Chart, Preview BGST, & Heisman hopefuls

Football is back… and I for one am excited. The opening weekend has some of the best matchups in recent memory. Top 25 matchups like USC /Alabama, Wisconsin/LSU, and Houston/Oklahoma will be a treat to take in. College football fans will be able to benchmark teams against tough competition in the opening weekend.


Urban Meyer release Ohio State’s depth chart for the 1st time this season. Typically there are 22 starters between the offense and defense… OSU has nearly 30. It’s due all of the “OR” starters due to the immense youth on this football. Urban wants to see who the playmakers are and the only way to find out is to see it live. According to Carp will take you inside to see who will emerge and where are OSU’s strengths.






Ohio State Depth Chart


Bowling Green Break Down


Big Games of Week One


Heisman hopefuls

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