Episode 029: The NFL Draft Recap, What Buckeye picks I like best, & Reinstating Satellite Camps

The 2016 NFL Draft was filled with excitement and trades. Very few years will see a 1st round with the level of team movement what was witnessed this year. After an uneventful 2015, this year’s draft started off with a bang. Two blockbuster trades for two quarterbacks before a single second had ticked off the clock. That type of aggressive behavior set the stage for a 1st round that saw the Browns move twice, five Buckeyes drafted and three in the top 10. Overall 12 Buckeyes were drafted in the top 150 picks, a very impressive feat (even if they fell short of the overall record). We will take a look at some of the best landing spots for Buckeye draftees, I answer a few twitter questions and we put a nice bow on the draft.

Satellite camps were banned by the NCAA after many of the southern schools deemed that it was an unfair recruiting advantage. It takes years to get any legislation passed with the NCAA, but they were able to make this ruling in only a few months. There was no reason given and the public outcry was strong. However, the NCAA without reason caved to social pressure and abruptly reversed its ruling. They dumped the story out a few hours before the start of the 1st round of the NFL draft. Why did it happen? We will take a look in this edition of According to Carp.


2016 NFL Draft

The Ohio State Draft Class

NCAA Satellite Camps

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