Do Your American Civic Duty and Vote Today

Maybe I am a bit old school, but I hold the belief that America is the greatest nation in the world. It provides limitless opportunities for those who have the desire to pursue them. “The pursuit of happiness” is quoted in the Declaration of Independence and any American can chase that dream to the ends of the earth. So go chase it because anything is America is attainable. However, with freedom comes a great responsibility. The responsibility is to take charge of policy decisions at all levels of government. November 3,, 2015 allows every US citizen to make a difference.


If you’re busy, get an absentee ballot. It’s easy and it can be done from the comfort of your own home. There are no lines, no parking issues and traffic. It eliminates all of the excuses. You can sit at home and search the web for the issue that are important and affect YOUR life. Whether it’s a local school board, a city level, or a Presidential election, find out what will affect YOU!

If you need a reason to vote, just travel to Washington DC. Check out the monuments that pay tribute to those who sacrificed to help grant our sacred freedom. Service is the sacred duty of a free nation. Voting fulfills this civic duty. It honors their service.

Voting will engage you in the political process (no matter how warped and corrupt it may be) and force you to take ownership of your situation. Complaining seems to be America’s pastime and it can be extremely useful. It can help enact social change, but you CANNOT complain if you do not vote. Well you can, but I don’t want to hear it and neither does anyone else. It’s just that simple.

I like to think I am more patriotic than the average American. I try to vote every election cycle. Sure there have been elections I have missed. But no matter how small the issues or how much I have on my plate, I try to make it to the polls3. Everyone’s time is precious, but voting is always time well spent. So spend your time wisely… take advantage of the American Ideal… and vote for the type of country you want to live in.

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