Managing your Fitness Lifestyle on Vacation: Workout Routine

By Bobby Carpenter | Jul 3, 2017 |

Vacation is a time to relax… I get it as much as anyone.   With four kids, a job and a number of other interests in my life, when there’s a chance to kick back and relax I take it. But I am super routine and breaking it gives me the chills. So vacation is…

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Managing your Fitness lifestyle on Vacation: Preparation

By Bobby Carpenter | Jul 2, 2017 |

Summer is here… and that means the start of vacation season. Summer is about vacations, beers and BBQ for most… and I am no different. Anytime I have the chance to kick back and enjoy some libations with friends is a pleasure. Summer is my favorite season because there is always a good time to…

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America in Turmoil: An Athlete’s Perspective on How We Stop the Violence

By Bobby Carpenter | Jul 18, 2016 |

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)   I am not a writer, nor am I a poet. I am not a social activist or a politician. I am simply an American; an American who has seen far too much tragedy to continue to remain…

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A Title Two (50) Years in the Making

By Bobby Carpenter | Jun 29, 2016 |

For the nearly the past decade my family and I have been traveling south to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for the Fourth of July weekend. The week is always eventful as my wife and I are able to rendezvous with old friends from across the country. Relaxing on the beach and sharing old stories is…

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Road to the Draft: Phase V Draft Day

By Bobby Carpenter | Apr 28, 2016 |

Uncertainty. It’s the feeling that permeates every NFL prospect on the draft day. No matter whether they’re a sure fire top 10 selection or they’re just hoping to hear their name called at some point late Saturday afternoon. The feelings are the same because the next few hours… or days will determine the city where…

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