Episode 044: Will the Buckeyes rebound from Penn State? College Football Week 9 Preview & What went wrong last week?

Ohio State ran into the Penn State buzz saw in the 3rd quarter on Saturday night. After going up 14 points and having the ball twice on their own 40 to start drives, the Buckeyes had a chance to put the Nittany Lions away. They didn’t and were rewarded with a four quarter game. Where one play could shift the balance of momentum and it did.


The offensive line struggled on the edges and the wide receivers couldn’t separate. Penn State didn’t do much, but they were highly effective at pressuring JT Barrett.


Penn State Special Teams


It was the worst Special Teams performance under Urban Meyer. It is his baby, that’s why the Buckeyes special teams are loaded with starters and front line players. Here’s what happened:


-Blocked punt

-Blocked FG for TD

-Missed PAT

-Muffed punt (that was recovered)

-Critical Kick Off return to the 10 yard line

-Kick Off team gave up a long return


That pretty much covers all of the special teams being complicit in the struggle. It won’t happen again because Urban Meyer will assure that is fixed.


Bama Rolls Again & Louisville Snaps Back


The #1 ranked Crimson Tide dominated the #6 A&M Aggies at home on Saturday. Trevor Knight made a nice push to tighten up the game 13-7 in the 2nd quarter, but ran out of gas in the 2nd half.


Lamar Jackson bounced back after a subpar performance against Duke. He took out his frustrations against and NC State squad who most recently squandered away a win against Clemson. The Wolfpack bottled up Deshaun Watson, but had no such luck against Lamar.





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